Why powdercoating?

- No rust / no paint chipping (unless excessively knocked) / brilliant professional finish

- Superior look, hardness and durability protecting your furniture piece much better than standard paint / spray paint could. 

- The legs are gritblasted, primed against rust then powdercoated ensuring the best finish and longest lasting coating available. 

- As used for commercial metal finishing 

- We use Dulux quality powdercoat available in a large array of colours

Raw finish?

These legs are provided in raw state without coating. You may need to clean the legs when you get them using a rag or better still, steel wool.

Raw finish legs will rust slowly over time if not coated just by being exposed to humidity.

To keep their raw, industrial look (without rusting) you need to coat them using a clear coat Rust Guard or Penetrol type product available at the hardware.  Alternatively you can use a coloured spray paint, again we suggest a spray paint that is rust preventing and contains a primer.

What size do I need?

720mm allows for your table top of around 20 - 30mm thickness to give you a finished height of 740 - 750mm which is standard height for kitchen/dining tables and desks. 720mm will also provide a good height for a side or hall table as does 820mm legs. Coffee table height 500mm and under, 400mm is popular - check the sitting height of your couch to work out what suits you best. Dry bar and kitchen island height is usually 900mm or 950mm again dependant on seating and your existing area. For standing desks 1050mm is suggested.

2 or 3 rod?

The 2 rod design hairpin legs are best suited for coffee tables and hall/side/console tables. If you are building a dining/kitchen table or desk then the 3 rod design, by its nature, with the 3rd rod is more suitable as they are stiffer.

How strong are the hairpin legs? 

See section 2 or 3 rod above. 

The legs are very, very strong and are definitely suitable for any standard table. The steel is 10mm and on sizes above 820mm a thicker 12mm steel '3rd rod' is used which stiffens the leg over the increased height.  If you are building something out of the ordinary then send me a message so I can advise.

Remember you are purchasing legs that will sit at each corner of the table therefore you need to ensure that you are making a table that can support its own weight in covering the span between the legs. An absurd example - a table made from 3mm ply will only sag/dip between the legs. The strength / sturdiness and the way you make the table top is important to the overall strength of the piece you are making.

Bench seats - again make sure you are making a bench that is strong enough to hold not only its own weight but the weight of people sitting on the section between the legs without it sagging. I recommend 1200mm max span and 3rod only for best results.  

In addition please read Terms and Warranty.

Can I get a custom size? 

Yes, contact me.

Can I get a custom powdercoated colour?

Yes, contact me.

What are the specifications of the hairpin legs?

The mounting plate is laser cut and is 100 x 100mm , the rod is 10mm mild steel. Sizes over 820mm include thicker 12mm steel '3rd rod' which stiffens the leg over the increased height. All steel is Australian made.

Can I get a bulk discount?

Yes, contact us directly. 


Your order will be shipped next day for items that are in stock; namely Raw finish and Matte black powdercoated hairpin legs. All other hairpin legs items are shipped within 5-8 days unless unforeseen circumstances. Custom orders are shipped according to lead-time expressed during order process.

All hairpin leg orders include free shipping (to non remote locations). If you have purchased an item and live in a remote location (Incl NT) you will be notified with an option to pay additional postage or a full refund of your purchase.  

QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, ACT estimated courier delivery times 1-4 days.

WA, NT, TAS estimated courier lead times are 7-9 days. 

If you live in a remote area then you estimated delivery time may be longer. 

** Estimated delivery leadtimes are estimates only and are provided by the freight companies. These can vary and I can't control their delivery times.

We send via courier for larger items and Aust Post for smaller items. Consider providing a work address as orders are delivered during business hours. Pickup possible by arrangement. 

You will receive delivery notification and  tracking information on all orders.

Terms and Warranty

All hairpin legs and bases come with a 10 year manufacturing warranty against welding failure.

No liability will attach to me the vendor for any loss or damage resulting from unsuitable use or incorrect fitting of any products sold. Ultimately the buyer is responsible for the finished item made, I provide general tips as a guideline on how to install the product but if you are still unsure about how to install/fit / make something then seek your own professional advice.

All goods are covered by a 10 year welding failure warranty. Any faulty goods must be lodged and returned for appraisal within this period. If the goods have been used for their intended purpose, had been fitted correctly and appraisal finds the weld to be faulty then the vendor will remedy.

Return Policy

All Raw Finish products can be returned within 28 days of the original purchase of the product.

A new product may be exchanged for another product.

To be eligible for a return, please make sure that:

  • The product was purchased in the last 28 days

  • The product is in its original packaging and unopened therefore;

  • the product isn't used or damaged

  • You obtained a Return Number from us by emailing us


Damaged items

In the event that the goods arrive damaged via incident in transit, the customer must notify the vendor within 24 hours of receiving the goods.

Products that do not meet these criteria will not be considered for return.


Hairpin legs and table bases made on the Sunshine Coast using Australian materials, Australian powdercoating and workmanship. I sell to furniture makers and diy-ers for furniture used in commercial spaces and the home. Although I mainly focus on table legs and bases if you would like something fabricated then send me a message. I have been making furniture for 10 years and selling hairpin legs and other bases since 2014. I'm sure you will love the product and service.

Free to contact me on 0438386984.